Presenting the m/y Olokun by Tankoa Yachts, a completely bespoke luxury marine residence

Technical and stylistic refinement for the third unit created using the customisable S501 platform by the Genoese shipyard

18 November 2021 | by Redazione

The third unit of the 50 metre series by Tankoa Yachts, the m/y Olokun reveals its contemporary style. A series that debuted with the Vertige, then continued with the Bintador, the hybrid model which is still the Genoese shipyard’s best seller, and now refined technically and stylistically, with the latest full aluminium hull, and interior, designed by Francesco Paszkowski, with décor by Casa Dio Miami/London.


Together with the other features that make the Tankoa S501 customisable platform stand out – collapsible terrace in the owner’s cabin on the forward main deck, large sundeck with hot tub and bar, beach club with spa on the aft deck – an additional number of features have been added as requested by the owner.

Being a boutique shipyard – explains Vincenzo Poerio, CEO for Tankoa Yachts – we wanted to offer maximum flexibility, to custom design the vessel based on the needs of the owner. The result is a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality: the m/y Olokun is completely bespoke, both in general arrangement and interior décor, and thanks to the elegance of its exterior design, it can be enjoyed for the next ten years.


The following are the changes asked by the owner: the aft section of the main deck has been entirely used for a relaxation lounge, moving the dining area to the upper deck, extension of the beach club with hammam onto the area used by the lateral garage to the stern, originally used for a tender (as the owner prefers a separate 15 metre support vessel, although he decided to keep the telescopic crane on board used for the transportation of service vehicles), owner’s cabin with private office ready to be converted into a cabin, in addition to the already planned four guest suites.

The interior, minimalist yet refined, has been inspired by the formal simplicity of Japanese homes, with custom furniture and quality finishes including Italian-made textiles by Loro Piana. “We wanted all the interior spaces of Olokun to transmit a feeling of residential life – says Dio Rodriguez, founder of Casa Dio Miami/London – reflecting the exterior and transforming this into a singular boating experience.

The brushed durmast is the material chosen for vertical surfaces and deckheads, in three hues: natural, Tokyo black and Bitter grey, to give rhythm to the rooms. The same dynamic was used for the bathrooms, in which hi-tech Compac quartz alternates with light Calcutta marble and black Marquina marble, in a play of muted contrasts in the cabins with their jute and wool carpets.

Great contrasts and timeless quality – notes Rodriguez – have been created through the use of neutral colours for all joinery and furniture. Indeed, we believe in innovation through the use of the unusual, minimalist yet contemporary finishes and furniture.

The customisation also included the exterior aluminium hull, black with metallic grey superstructure as per the client’s request. A choice that pushed Tankoa Yachts to use special Awlgrip paints, which can reduce the temperature of the hull by 10°C, thereby avoiding overheating in the sun.


From a technical point of view, the m/y Olokun has a semi-displacement hull and conventional diesel propulsion (2xMTU 8V4000 M54), pushing it to a maximum speed of 17.5 knots (14 cruising speed), but in economic mode at 11 knots, guarantees autonomy of 4,500 nautical miles.


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