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Address: Via Maestri d'Ascia, 18 – 17019 Varazze (SV)

Absolute Yachts is an Italian company of international fame, manufacturer of luxury yachts.

Appreciated by the biggest experts in the nautical industry for the quality of its products, Absolute has one of the most evolved shipyards in the world, equipped with latest generation technological tools and sophisticated 3D modelling systems.

The profound knowledge of boat construction techniques of its founders, Marcello Bè and Sergio Maggi, considered among the Italian pioneers of the modern period in boat manufacturing, have created a unique work model, innovative and attentive aimed at integrating all activities into a single effective and streamlined system in each phase of production, the Integrated Structural System (ISS).

All of their yachts are products of sophisticated beauty, refined elegance, versatility and functionality with no compromises: each boat has prestigious finishes, ample spaces, ergonomic and streamlined, top quality materials, easy manoeuvrability and innovative solutions right down to the tiniest details.

In addition, the shipyard in Piacenza was also the forerunner in the use of IPS Volvo Penta engines that guarantee the best results in performance and environmental protection, with a noticeable reduction in noise, vibrations, emissions and consumption.

For Absolute each result, each value is not expressed in a subjective and relative manner, but finds its utmost expression following the company philosophy “Reaching for the Absolute” which characterises this Italian brand, a reflection of the pleasure of sailing, respecting the sea and safety in every aspect.

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