Del Pardo Shipyard Acquires VanDutch The CEO: “A unique leadership in the world of luxury yachts”

Two top businesses for a unique leadership, at the head of the luxury yacht industry. The CEO, Planamente: “Absolute prestige for both brands”

19 June 2020 | by Redazione
The facilities of Cantiere del Pardo, in Forlì

Two brands, one Italian and one Dutch, lead the world of luxury yachts and nautical lifestyle, each one becoming stronger. Cantiere del Pardo has acquired the important Dutch brand VanDutch, known for its lifestyle soul and supported by its consolidated position overseas.

This acquisition – notes Fabio Planamente, CEO for the Del Pardo Shipyard – is the continuation of absolute prestige for both brands, who together are creating a unique leadership in the luxury vessel market, with its distinctive traits of lifestyle, design, quality and performance, bringing the concept of a yacht experience to a higher level.”


Now the manufacture of all VanDutch models will be moved to the historical site of Cantiere del Pardo in Forlì, and will be added to those already made in the facility in Romagna. In this manner an unprecedented partnership has been formed at level of manufacturing capacity and strategic development, which will know how to promote their distinct identities and reinforce their icon status and competitiveness, taking up new challenges for the market.

Cantiere del Pardo has a construction history of nearly 50 years of experience in the manufacture of extremely high quality vessels, known around the world for their attention to detail, choice of high end materials and the unrivalled experience of master artisans.

Since 1973, Cantiere del Pardo has represented one of the most prestigious and appreciated businesses for the manufacture of luxury yachts, with over 4,500 boats built, with the visionary objective of creating vessels with high quality standards, enhanced by an elegant and innovative design, always attentive to new trends and market demands.

With this acquisition – explains Luigi Servidati, president for Cantiere del Pardo – Cantiere del Pardo places VanDutch side by side with Pardo Yachts, becoming an absolute leader in the luxury yacht industry, vessels with no compromises in terms of elegance and performance. The strength of the Dutch brand will be further enhanced by the know-how, experience and high quality of Italian manufacturing, the strengths of our shipyard.

The VanDutch 55 in Miami

The shipyard in Forlì will immediately contribute to the development of the Dutch brand and the design and construction of new products with method, vision and investments. Three new models are planned to be released in 2021.

VanDutch is going to enhance the already dynamic business of the three brands at Cantiere del Pardo: Grand Soleil Yachts, for the construction of sail boats up to 18 metres, Pardo Yachts, the motor boat brand founded in 2016 and now recognised as a market leader in its segment, and Grand Soleil Custom, for the construction of custom sail boats from 18 to 24 metres.

VanDutch’s history, instead, began in 2008, with the launch of a brand that immediately stood out as a leader in lifestyle, design and functionality, quickly cementing itself at a global level. The multi-award winning VanDutch 55, presented in 2013, was an immediate success with celebrities, influencers and businessmen.

Its début consecrated the Dutch branch thanks the the unmistakeable lines independent of the size of the vessel. For VanDutch, 2020 represents a year of great change, with a vast collection of new products and special editions like the SYE (Super Yacht Edition), the VanDutch 48, and the VanDutch 56.


Giuseppe Orrù

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