Air conditioning on board is no longer a luxury. The “do it yourself” air conditioner by Thermowell works without a generator

Thermowell di Surbo (Lecce) is a company specialised in innovative and personalised solutions for climate controlling vessels, mega yachts and ships. It offers pleasure boaters two simple and easy to install solutions

25 July 2020 | by Redazione
Thermowell has all the solutions for onboard air conditioning

Installing air conditioning on board a vessel or even a cabin cruiser, has never been so easy. Having the ideal temperature in the spaces on your vessel is no longer a luxury reserved for large yachts, which need to house large air conditioning machinery in the engine room.

There are two products that make simplicity and versatility their strong point.  Both are supplied in a kit that can be installed by the boat owner without the need of a technician. One of these doesn’t even need a generator, because it works with 12 or 24 volt batteries on board.

Thanks to Thermowell di Surbo in the province of Lecce, air conditioning is within reach of every pleasure boater, with products that, thanks to their versatility, are able to make the company from Puglia stand out from the competition.

Thermowell is a partner and supplier of boat systems for air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration. Technological research, innovation studies  and the choice of high quality components are the cornerstones of the business. Anyone who buys, builds or maintains a vessel can count on Thermowell: competitiveness, innovation, and personalisation aimed at creating a comfortable onboard experience.

This is an all-Italian story. In the 1980s, Renato Napoli, an industrial technician, specialised in the manufacture, installation, design and consultancy in the  RHVAC sector, precisely in boating systems. He expanded his background and built up an excellent reputation. In 1997 he decided to open Thermowell, his own company creating air conditioning solutions for the nautical industry.

The first exciting challenges arrived, as well as the first orders and participation in international boat shows. In 2010 his son, Mattia, stepped into the company, and with the values created by Thermowell, he has supported his father with dedication, first in the manufacturing department, then in sales, logistics and transport.



The Thermowell Izy kit can be installed without the need for technicians

IZY is the first and only air conditioner for vessels that is supplied with a “do it yourself” assembly kit, and is extremely easy and fast to install.

Now available in three models, 9,000, 13,000 and 16,000 BTU/h (a unit of measurement for refrigerating power) as well as in the cold only or hot/cold versions. The salt water circulation pump and all the electrical and electronic components are already assembled onto the machine, making installation much faster from the start, compared to traditional models. The air conditioner has a digital command panel to set the functions as well as a practical remote control. The technical specifications can be found here.

Completing the kit, are all the accessories needed for the installation of a complete system equipped with an outlet.  Also included in the kit are the clamps necessary for connecting the water and air pipes. For a complete personalisation of the system, there are also grilles and outlets available in wood (teak or cherry), T or Y deviators to connect multiple outlets.

This is a very popular model – explains Mattia Napoli from Thermowell – because the owner can install it onboard without any help. And this is a product that is only available from us, and makes us stand out from our competitors.



The Thermowell Airjet12 is connected to the onboard batteries

And if our vessel were not equipped with a generator? No problem. With Thermowell the ideal temperature is guaranteed nevertheless. Making the company stand out in the market is the AirJet model, in its 12 or 24 volt versions. These are the innovative salt water condensation air conditioners supplied directly through direct current from 12V or 24V batteries present on board, without the need of a generator, or connection to an inverter.

Without renouncing to a compact and elegant design, Airjet 12/24 is distinguished by its versatility that make it possible, and easy, to install it without taking up too much space: depending on the space available on board, clients can choose between the split version and two single-piece units, built either vertically or horizontally. And when the vessel is docked, and connected to the pier’s electricity network, all that is needed is a transformer to continue enjoying the cool air.

AirJet 12/24 is perfect for cooling single cabins. Thermowell fills all its systems in the factory with ecological refrigerating gasses, and no further filling is needed during installation. Each unit is individually tested in the factory under the strictest operative conditions. The technical specifications can be found here.


Thermowell has a wide range of traditional products like single-piece units, splitters, chillers with inverter technology, completely made in Italy, that are also used for bespoke solutions, on board large vessels, mega yachts and working ships.

Thermowell is a reliable partner for shipyards and naval yards, working in refitting. “For chillers – explains Mattia Napoli – we develop custom solutions, depending on client requirements. This is an enormous advantage during the refit phase, because we offer bespoke solutions in the installation phase, depending on the space available. For any problems, we are able to find the right solution.” If, while restoring a vintage vessel there is a space that the owner wants to dedicate to the installation of an air conditioning system, Thermowell can design a solution that will adapt to the space available.

We are constantly researching new solutions – adds Mattia Napoli – and innovation, to keep step with the times. We take part in some of the biggest trade shows in the industry, from the Genoa Boat Show to boat shows around the world and we have clients everywhere, even in Japan.”


Giuseppe Orrù


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